SWIRL Latte 

15.2 FL oz

PUmp Bottle

You don’t have to run to a coffee house and spend a ton of money to take your everyday coffee habit from boring to exquisite! Swirl Zero Sugar Caramel Latte is a unique all-in-one syrup that makes it easier than ever to prepare a delicious hot, iced or frozen blended beverage wherever you are. Pump the latte mix into a cup or mug, add hot water, stir and enjoy! For a tasty iced latte, add a pump to cold water or milk along with ice cubes. For a frozen treat, blend with ice and water/milk, add whipped cream and customize with your favorite toppings. Perfect for baking: can be added to butter cream for cupcakes or other baked goods. Just add 1-2 pumps to plain unsweetened butter cream, blend and adjust sugar for desired sweetness. Great for small offices, cafeterias, food trucks, events, conferences or your everyday enjoyment at home!


Volume:  15.2 FL OZ

Servings: 22